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Agenda. Setting Up The Tooling. Getting Started With The Theme Build. Alternatives. Explain a bit about the motivation for this approach - custom sites. Susy doesn’t depend on breakpoint-sass anymore since version 2.2.2 so you can safely omit it if you want to. I still use the breakpoint mixin heavily in my workflow though.

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HiCan i know how php storm detect sass extension ( bootstrap ,susy, compass) ?when i use a sass variable that com from an extension 2015-07-30 She also explains how to use Grunt—a JavaScript task runner—to set up a development workflow, as well as how to style default HTML styles and create a mobile-first layout. Plus, Caroline shows how to build a sample webpage using features in Sass, Bourbon, and Susy. Sass Grid Systems • Bourbon Neat • Singularity • Zen Grids • Susy 6.

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We'll wrap this series up by looking at some of the custom functions and mixins that Susy provides for you. (Sorry about the audio :( - hope to re-record thi View the profiles of people named Susy Sass. Join Facebook to connect with Susy Sass and others you may know.

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I set my goal to Sass is a CSS pre-processor. Sass reduces repetition of CSS and therefore saves time. Start learning Sass now »

James Steinbach discusses how, in Sass, he's moved from using Bourbon's Neat grid system to at-import's Susy grid framework. Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Jobs Programming & related technical career opportunities Есть бесконечное количество фреймворков, построенных на Sass.
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But grid systems are on the way out, replaced by real CSS layout specs that live in the browser. What's Susy? Susy is a flexible, responsive grid system built with Sass. Susy is designed to adapt to your particular markup and design, rather than force you to adopt the rigid semantics of a grid framework.

Originally released in  Today is @SassSusy's 11th birthday. And time to *officially* let go. Susy is now Deprecated/End of Life.
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Installera sass.

Span mixin is the critical feature that allows you to create a grid using Susy. As it can be seen in the above image of a basic web page layout, we are inclined on having our header and footer take up 100% of the container’s width. Build a responsive webpage from scratch. Explore how Sass works and how to analyze your workflow options, work with package managers, use features in Bourbon and Susy, and more.